LocalsRideFreeWe love Tennessee and we want to share it with all of our locals and their out of town visiting guests! That’s why we created the Jamboree Rollin’ Reward Card! Now, locals have a great thing to do with all of their out of town visitors and best of all…it’s free with a qualifying ride and a Tennessee drivers license! So load up the out of towner’s and get ready to ride Nashville’s newest attraction…The Music City Rollin’ Jamboree…for free!

To join our Local’s Ride The Jamboree Free program, simply visit us on the Jamboree to pick up your Rollin’ Reward card. Once you have you card punched, you are ready to start. The rules and guidelines are listed below.

1. You must be 21 to participate
2. You must have previously taken the tour and paid the admission price.
3. You must bring at least one full price paying guest to use your JAMBOREE FREE ROLLIN’ RIDE CARD.
4. Locals may ride the Jamboree Free as long as they have punches left on their card and bring a qualifying guest.
5. No other discounts can apply.
6. Tennessee drivers license is required at the time of boarding.
7. Name on license must match the name on the Jamboree Free Rollin’ Reward Card.
8. Cards are non-transferable.
9. Reservations are required.